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Undead Horde Holiday Special is a custom holiday demo of Undead Horde - an upcoming "necromancer simulator" by 10tons. Originally inspired by the itch.io hit game Right Click To Necromance - Undead Horde has evolved into an experience of its own kind.

You will wake up in the jolly Xmasland and discover that in order to end this ridiculous stupidity you need to slay Saint Nicholas who is known to be the king here.

The demo is a short sample from the official Undead Horde game which is over 10 hours of necromancery. 

  • Re-animate your slain enemies
  • Re-animate elves from graves
  • Equip loads of loot
  • Get rid of St. Nick - the king of Xmasland

Please note that the Holiday Special is a demo not comparable to the full game.

The main game Undead Horde is currently in development and slated for early 2019 release. You can find the upcoming page on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/790850/Undead_Horde/

Install instructions


The installer should be a complete package with required runtimes. However, the installer is not signed nor the game, so Windows may thrown "Windows protected your PC" warnings. you can continue by hitting "more info".


The zipped version requires Visual Studio 2017 runtimes. Get them here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads


game-logo-xmas.png 87 kB
UH_HolidaySpecialSetup_0829.exe 88 MB
UH_HolidaySpecial_0829.zip 95 MB

Development log


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I had way too much fun with this! Take that Santa. Thanks for the holiday demo. I played it a few times with a controller. Nice work. Happy holidays!


Fun, I think I like it even more than Tesla vs Lovecraft. Can't wait for the full release. Happy Holidays 10tons! :) 


Thanks! Happy holidays to you too!

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Hello! Undead Xmas to everyone! Leave us feedback here!